Being Young and Healthy is NOT a Vaccine Against Illness.

In my early twenties, I was fit, healthy and generally felt pretty invincible… Until I literally died. (Yes, I’m one of the few people under 40 who is still using “literally” in the correct context). Obviously, I was resuscitated, which means I have an opportunity to tell this story and hopefully let it serve as […]

How To Be Mentally Strong

When I first watched Amy Morin‘s TEDx talk, I felt immense sadness intertwined with joy. Sadness because Amy has lived through unimaginable amounts of grief. Joy because I could resonated with so much of what she said about how we deal with challenges. Finally, I didn’t feel like such a nutter – someone else was saying the […]

Critical Things Confident People Won’t Do

  “True confidence is very different from egotistical swagger. When people believe in themselves and their abilities without bravado, there are certain things they simply don’t do.” – Travis Bradberry   Confidence can be one of the bigger challenges in life but it’s also something you often have control over. Your thoughts and actions are […]

Why Healthy Inspo Could Make You Unhealthy

When you think of women’s health and wellness, you might think of those stereotypical images. You know the ones. It’s hard to miss them, especially on social media. Health and wellness (including everything from food to fitness and activewear) all looks identically picture perfect. You might see a perfectly proportioned woman who is perfectly poised […]

How I Stayed Grateful Through My First Year In Hospital

I clearly remember the morning I woke up in the hospital and realized nine of my fingertips were going to be amputated. It was a few days after I’d been told my leg would be amputated and I was still emotionally raw from that news. I opened my eyes and saw a woman gently holding […]

A Makeup Artist Reveals: What Ugly Women Look Like

This was also published here on The Huffington Post.    “You’re ugly,” said the little girl as she stared me down in an elevator. “Excuse you,” her mother exclaimed with a mix of horror and embarrassment. The mother began to apologise profusely, to which I simply shrugged and smiled. “That’s ok,” I said as the elevator doors […]

3 Secrets To A Good Life (From a 100 Year-Old Woman)

  Up until this point, what has made your life good? There may have been highlights, such as a wedding, birth or some other special event that really left a positive impression. But what about the bigger picture? If you could look back at your life on your 100th birthday, what would you tell others […]