My Life With Chronic Pain

There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there about dealing with chronic pain. You may have even read it.  Strangers on the street might see my prosthetic leg, my wheelchair or some of my scars and other amputations. But it’s the invisible disabilities, like chronic pain, that have a far greater impact on my life […]

F Magazine: Fashionable

Back in 2018, I was featured in F Magazine’s article written by Cherie Cheah. The full link is below. This year, multi-awarded writer and amputee Lisa Cox will be gracing the runaway at FashionAble, one of Brisbane’s premier fashion events. Hosted by Brisbane fashion icon Di Cant, this year’s runway fashion parade and photographic exhibition FashionAble […]

Has COVID-19 turned the World upside down? For some of us, things have stayed the same.

This is a piece I wrote about my experience of the world since COVID-19 arrived. It was published in The Canberra Times in August 2020 and the full link is listed below. Here’s a controversial opinion. Isolation and quarantine isn’t really turning the entire world upside-down like we’re led to believe. Now let me just stop right […]

Australian Fashion Week Puts Us To Shame… Again

Australian Fashion Week has again let us down and again, the world was watching. As it is home to Australian Fashion Week, Sydney could be regarded as our fashion capital. The annual event is an opportunity for homegrown designers to showcase their latest pieces and let the world know just how ‘on-trend’ the Australian fashion […]

Social observations. Another example of why disability needs visibility.

Last Wednesday, Australian journalist Mia Freedman made me squeal with glee and nearly choke on my gobful of tuna. She gave Outloud podcast listeners the perfect example of exactly why disability needs greater visual representation. Except she didn’t even mention disability. Rather, Mia was discussing the on field kiss between two female NRL players that […]